HeartbreakHeifer International's 2003 Catalogue - Some Personal Thoughts
Heartbreak: Ramblings From a Compassionate Heart - A Mary T. Hoffman Commentary from All-Creatures.org

A series of commentaries by Mary T. Hoffman about: humans and animals and the cruelty inflicted upon them; prayer and grace, and the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives; and the problems that plague our lives in this corrupted world.

Heifer International's 2003 Catalogue - Some Personal Thoughts
By Mary T. Hoffman

A few days ago when we received the latest slick propaganda catalogue from Heifer International, my thoughts turned to the slaughterhouse in this country that hides behind happy-looking farm scenes painted on its outside walls, while animals inside suffer unspeakable atrocities.

I thought how Heifer International promotions are an insidious way of undermining our (and especially our children’s) God-given sensitivity. They picture children with cuddly little animals and hide the fact that in reality many of these animals will be mistreated and that eventually all will suffer a cruel end. These happy-looking children will be traumatized by the realities of slaughter, just as 4-H young people are traumatized when their attachment to their prized animals is terminated by the sale of these animals for butchering.

Nowhere are we told of the crying of the animal mothers and babies when they are torn apart, and of the inherent cruelty of the animal industry; of the nightmare endured by these various species of animals merely in the logistics of such an enterprise.

Then I thought that it never ceases to amaze me how willingly some celebrities become dupes for so-called charities that really prolong rather than alleviate suffering on this earth. This catalogue, including photos of celebrity “activists” who have a reputation for supporting progressive ideas, has more in common with fairy tales, myths, and wishful thinking.

One would think that these celebrities have heard of the environmental devastation and human health problems caused by the introduction of animal agriculture; that in reality, fifteen times as much land is needed to produce food with farmed animals as with plant agriculture. Yet, somehow, these people still choose to perpetuate ignorance and barbarity.

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