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God Listens to Your Care - 13 Jan 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

God Listens to Your CareSometimes when we have errands to run and Frank is driving, weíll take along something that I can read aloud, instead of just listening to the radio.

This morning, before setting out for the dayís driving, Frank picked up a new little book we had received only the day before and brought it along.

Wow! This little book is a powerhouse! It is entitled God Listens to Your Care: Prayers for All the Animals of the World by Carol J. Adams.

These simple, heartfelt prayers have always been needed by the world. Well, better late than never. I told Frank that I wish this little book had been available when I was a kid!

One prayer in particular that touched my heart is on page 18, a prayer ďFor squirrels.Ē It is so wonderful to take my concerns about animals and express them to God. Letting God know the sadness that I feel over a dead animal on the road, such as a squirrel, comforts me.

It is especially important for children to be able to voice their joys, sorrows and concerns about animals. These kinds of prayers should be offered up in churches. Unfortunately, most pastors are remiss in providing this kind of prayer and counseling for children (or people of any age, for that matter!).

I am happy that my husband Frank is one who always encouraged prayers and offered counseling concerning all of Godís creatures, not only humans.

I believe that life-long damage can result from a pastorís uncaring attitude and unkind remarks made to one who has lost a companion animal or feels sadness about the plight of some of Godís creatures. Such damage may lie hidden in many people well into adulthood, and some may turn away from organized religion. Having fun made of their concerns hurts deeply those who are open to Godís love for all creation. Isnít it interesting that the ones who would have no problem with such feelings are the sociopaths or psychopaths who have no empathy for others, human or otherwise? Is this the type of development we should be encouraging? Sensitivity should never be quashed!

As Jesus said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Matthew 19:14)  Their compassionate sensitivities are a blessing for the whole world.

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