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God Listens When You’re Sad - 18 Jan 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

God Listens We went grocery shopping today. Frank did the driving, so he suggested we take another book by Carol J. Adams with us that I could read aloud. This one, entitled God Listens When You’re Sad, Prayers When Your Animal Friend Is Sick or Dies, is the first book in the God Listens series by Carol Adams. (I wrote about God Listens When You Care in my 13 January 2006 Blog.)

Although these books are written for children, they are excellent for anyone, regardless of age, who loves animals. When I read aloud page 14 in this excellent little volume, both Frank and I smiled and had the same immediate response! What a great answer for someone who tells you that your animal friend is “only” an animal!

Dear God,
I hate the word “only.”
Is that okay?
I am so confused.
People say to me, (animal friend’s name) is only an animal.
What gives them the right to say that?
But this is what I am going to do:
When they say “only,”
I will smile, because I know
my friend (animal friend’s name) is only an animal
in the same way that you are the Only God.
Nothing can compare to you.
And right now, nothing can compare to my
friendship with (animal friend’s name).
You understand, don’t you?

God Listens When you’re Sad has spaces for writing in your animal friend’s name and other notes, as well as a page for a photograph, so that you can keep it and refer to it again and again.

As I mentioned before, this God Listens series should be available to everyone who loves a child who cares about animals. Parents, ministers, counselors – anyone who cares about children and wants to answer their questions with honesty and compassion needs to have these books on hand.

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