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God Listens to Your Love - 24 Jan 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

God Listens As usual, we did our weekly errand running and grocery shopping today. Since Frank did the driving, he suggested we take yet another book by Carol J. Adams with us that I could read aloud. This one, entitled God Listens to Your Love, Prayers For Living With Animal Friends, is the second book in the God Listens series by Carol Adams. (I wrote about God Listens When You Care in my 13 January 2006 Blog and about God Listens When Youíre Sad in my 18 January 2006 Blog.)

As Iíve mentioned before, although these books are written for children, they are excellent for anyone, regardless of age, who loves animals. This time pages 43 and 44 got a big response from Frank and me. The heading of this section is: ďWhy canít my animal friend come to church with me?Ē

Reading these words brought back memories. One memory was of a Sunday morning when Frank had been invited to be the guest pastor of an area church. We had been to this church before and, as usual, there was a friendly cat who showed up at the door. Members of the church told us that the catís name was Pandora. As always, we made Pandy feel welcome in the church, and she would often spend her time on the altar during the service. This particular Sunday, Frank picked up Pandy and held her in his arms during the youth story time. She loved the attention and behaved beautifully! And everyone there was happy, especially the organist who cared for several formerly homeless kitties!

God Listens to Your Love has spaces for writing in your animal friendís name and other notes, as well as a page for a photograph or drawing of your animal friend. This little volume will be treasured as it is referred to again and again.

As I mentioned before, this God Listens series should be available to everyone who loves a child who cares about animals. Parents, ministers, counselors Ė anyone who cares about children and wants to answer their questions with honesty and compassion needs to have these books on hand.

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