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More Junk Science - 16 Mar 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

There seems to be no end to the nonsense hoisted onto the gullible public as “scientific studies.” I always try to find out who is funding these “studies” and, sure enough, it is usually those who have a financial stake in a positive outcome.

The latest such silliness is the elevation of beer to practically “health food” status! This “study” was funded by the beer industry. Beer now joins some items of questionable or debatable benefit, such as other alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, and chocolate, in raking in the profits from loyal (addicted?) adherents.

The promoters use these “studies” to tout the many benefits to be gained by the consumption of their products. These “benefits” range from longevity to improved mental function to improved sexual function – you name it! Something for everyone!

All this reminds me of the cigarette ads that were so commonplace years ago, when medical doctors would attest to the health benefit of the particular brand of cigarettes that they were being paid to promote.

Can you imagine a medical doctor prescribing cigarette smoking to a woman who had a severed vocal cord (an accidental “side effect” from thyroid surgery, as I recall)? Well, I personally knew of such a case: the mother of a childhood friend of mine. In case you’re wondering, these happened to be intelligent people; yet they believed this physician.

So much for junk science; we need to use common sense and not fall for all this hype.

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