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Medical Advancement - 21 Mar 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

If you are curious and want the truth from mainstream doctors about animal experimentation in biomedical research, here is an excellent website to visit: 

In a nutshell, and in their own words, here is a description of the work that these conscientious scientists do:

“Advocating for patients and their families.”

“Americans, Europeans, and Japanese For Medical Advancement [AFMA, EFMA, and JFMA] promotes human wellness by exposing the lost opportunities for cures and the life-threatening results of animal-modeled biomedical research. We educate the public, showing how government and charities misspend medical research dollars and place us at grave risk.”

“Animal-modeled biomedical research yields results that cannot be safely applied to humans. It diverts research dollars that should be going to proven methods of curing human disease.”

“We disclose how industry introduces and keeps unhealthy and often deadly products in the marketplace through animal experiments.”

“As taxpayers, we deserve the best research our money can buy.”

Also see:

Animal Experimentation – Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions about animal experimentation: 

For why animal experimentation still is so entrenched: 

The above information will enable you to choose wisely to whom you donate.


One of the definitions for the word “charity” is “kindness or help for the needy or suffering” or “an institution engaged in relief of the poor.”

Over the years we have observed the corruption of many “charities” into large, money-hungry, self-serving businesses whose executives are mainly interested in maintaining their lifestyles and lending their “charity’s” name as endorsement on products for compensation.

It’s amazing how many people donate to corrupt organizations.

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