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More Spring Flowers – 27 Apr 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

Adderstongue On today’s walk, we saw more spring flowers in bloom: adder’s tongue, common violet, white violet, Confederate violet, spring beauty, early saxifrage, and ground ivy. The adder’s tongue is also known as trout lily, dogtooth violet, and fawn lily.

Of course, everywhere we were greeted by Nature’s “smiley faces”: the Dandelions!

We stopped by some tall rocks where we usually find early saxifrage, and sure enough, the white flowers were growing out of the cracks in the rocks as they do every year at this time. Also growing from the cracks in the rocks were columbine that were sprouting buds.

Flowering Dogwood We were happy to see two dogwood trees covered with blossoms just beginning to open. Dogwoods appear to be making a comeback here, after a disease destroyed many of them several years ago.

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