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Spinach – 24 May 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

This morning we bought fresh spinach from a local farm market. We’ve been shopping there for several years, and spinach is usually the first offering of the season.

So tomorrow we will use some fresh spinach in our daily tossed salad, and with the rest we’ll cook the traditional “spanakorizo” or ΣΠΑΝΑΚΟΡΙΖΟ, which is simply spinach, rice, chopped onion, extra virgin olive oil, water, and salt and ground black pepper to taste. (Frank’s innovation is to add hot red pepper instead of the traditional ground black pepper to taste!)

For photos and recipe for spinach rice, see: 

This is one of our recipes using spinach and chard: 

Frank also makes a delicious spinach pizza, as well as spinach lasagna!

For photos and recipe of spinach pizza, see: 

For the spinach lasagna recipe, see: 

For a spinach, butternut squash, and lentil curry recipe, see: 

For a Costa Rican style spinach, potato, and black bean recipe, see:   

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