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Animal Rights: What America Needs Most – 31 May 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

More and more I am becoming aware that people need to realize the enormous benefits to their health and their finances that will result from establishing and enforcing animal rights. That’s right – humans will benefit from animal rights!

In my Blog “David Cantor – 23 May 2006” I wrote about Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc. and quoted from their May 2006 pamphlet.

Today I am going to write more about this excellent organization by quoting from their April 2006 brochure that bears the title of today’s Blog: “Animal Rights: What America Needs Most.”

“America* sometimes helps lead the world in expanding individual rights. But so far there is little progress toward legal rights for nonhuman animals, despite those animals’ enormous suffering.

(* That name accurately includes all of South, Central & North America. RPA uses it referring to the United States here for simplicity.)

“Many people assume advocating for animal rights means not caring about people. But failing to establish animal rights is hurting people.

“Meaningful, enforceable legal rights for nonhuman animals – the goal of the animal rights movement and Responsible Policies for Animals – will benefit the vast majority of people.”

Tomorrow I will explain how animal rights can benefit health and save money.

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