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Human Benefits from Animal Rights (continued) – 2 June 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

If most people realized how their health and finances are hurt by the sloppy mistreatment of other animals, they would push for animal rights. They would realize how woefully inadequate and ridiculous the animal welfare laws really are, and the direct negative impact this has on people.

How will animal rights improve our health? It’s no secret that fats, proteins, and cholesterol from nonhuman animals’ flesh, milk, and eggs are leading causes of heart disease, stroke, and some cancers. Eating these products are a leading factor in the “epidemic” of obesity, and leads to other serious health problems, including type-2 diabetes.

What about the millions of children and adults, in our country alone, who suffer from food-borne illnesses caused by salmonella, e coli, campylobacter, and other contamination? Much so-called “stomach flu” (another euphemistic attempt to hide from the truth) is really the result of eating food contaminated by animal filth, such as feces (“poop”)!

What are the financial consequences of this imposed ignorance? I say “imposed ignorance” because the public is misled about healthful nutrition by the powerful meat and dairy industries and our government with huge budgets for advertising and public relations. Chronic diseases, and pharmaceuticals used to treat them, result in soaring costs of medical treatment and insurance.

To quote from RPA: “Pandemics like influenza originate with violations of natural boundaries between humans and other animals. It is no accident that “bird flu” has public health officials scrambling: If not for needless human exploitation of chickens and other birds, we would not face this looming, fearsome problem. Anthrax, smallpox, and other infectious diseases also jumped to humans from other animals – before we knew better than to act like omnivores when we are not.”

“When nonhuman animals have legal rights, people will not be able to consume their flesh, milk & eggs. Cutting out advertising and other social pressure to consume them will help us all live healthfully on fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains – as recommended by leading nutritionists and more natural to our species. Medical & insurance costs should drop, absent price gouging.”

Continued tomorrow.

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