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Yard Work – 19 June 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

I bought another rechargeable battery-operated string trimmer a few days ago. I already had one that I like very much, but needed another so that I can continue to “weed whack” after the first trimmer runs out of power. Since each trimmer runs for 40-45 minutes before the need to recharge, I can double my working time.

Very early this morning I took both trimmers out and got a chance to try my new one. It does an even better job of cutting than the older one, but I’ll be using both from now on.

I’m glad I got my yard work done early today because it got really hot – about 89 degrees Fahrenheit – and then it rained and cooled off to 70 degrees by late afternoon.

Doing yard work gives me a good excuse to spend more time outdoors admiring the wonderful variety of God’s creation!

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