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Selling Out – 3 July 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

Have you noticed how many people (individuals as well as groups, such as businesses) who started out as idealists are selling out and watering down their message? This isn’t anything new; I’ve just become more aware of this lately.

For example, the company that manufactured a vegan liquid soap, which we’ve been buying by the case for many years, was sold. The new company has changed the packaging, including the label that no longer mentions that it is free of animal ingredients and testing. Yet when asked on the telephone, they will say that the soap doesn’t contain animal-derived products. The result? We’ve lost confidence in this company and are not very happy about their approach.

Another example is a cosmetics company that started to use animal ingredients in some of their makeup.

Food co-operatives are yet another example of businesses “going downhill” as far as the watering down of ideals is concerned. Increasingly, their monthly catalogues are full of animal products and promotional ads for them.

These are just a few examples and a reason why we think it’s a good idea to check labels and do a little research, even if we’ve been purchasing certain items for years. We’re finding out that we can’t take it for granted that the products haven’t been changed in a negative way by “selling out.”

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