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Humane Farming of Animals? – 8 July 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

We received another piece of unsolicited mail from an organization promoting the “humane” care of farmed animals (commercial farms). In my opinion, the concept of the humane farming of animals is wishful thinking, since it is not based on reality. Consumers who fall for this ploy are either naïve or want to be lied to in order to continue indulging in the products of cruelty.

No matter how much we may want to believe that such a thing as “humane farming of animals” can exist, we all know that it simply doesn’t. How can animal farming be humane when the animals must be killed for consumption, or in the case of dairy farming, the cows have to be kept impregnated in order to produce milk and their babies are stolen and killed for veal? Can you imagine “humane veal”?!! And what do you think happens to all of the cows who are spent and their milk production starts to dwindle? How in the world can anything like this be even remotely humane? And all this nonsense about chickens and eggs being labeled “humane”!

In a previous Blog I wrote about my experience on a non-commercial family farm that today would be described as “humane” and “organic.” The trauma and lowing of the cow at the separation and slaughter of her calf were all too real.

Indeed, non-humans may feel emotional and physical trauma even more intensely than humans. Think about it; we humans can rationalize, justify, and escape through our imaginations. As far as we can tell, other animals do not have all the options that our brains provide. Why do humans want to deprive other animals of even the few pleasures they do have? With so many choices available to us, why do humans feel that they have to steal from these creatures of God their little bit of joy? Surely, any thinking person will come to the conclusion that this is cruel, and not humane.

Why buy into a lie that is bad for humans as well as for other animals? I believe that in the long run it may be far worse for humans because of the “hot coals of conviction” or guilty conscience that, as perpetrators, they must live with (Proverbs 25:22 and Romans 12:20). As for the innocent victims (cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, horses, rabbits, fish…) of human atrocities, they are free of the guilt that humans must face.

Sure, I’d like to sit back, and pretend that farmed animals can be treated humanely. But my conscience won’t allow it, because I know it is a lie. And speaking of lies, in the Bible, John 8:44 plainly states that “the father of lies” is Satan.

Of all of the commercial animal farmers who email us, none has ever invited us to come with camera and freely report on the actual conditions that exist in their operations. Obviously they have something to hide.

So, I have this to say to those promoting the “humane” farming of animals: Please don’t insult my intelligence.

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