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If Jesus Were on Earth Today – 10 July 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

I sometimes wonder – if Jesus were on earth physically today as He was 2,000 years ago – with no royal pomp, but plain, humble, and outspoken – how would most people, including those who profess to be Christians, react to Him?

It’s easy to claim to be a Christian when He is not here in physical form. It’s easy to be self-indulgent and to cite passages in the Bible that promise health, wealth, and a justification for a cruel and destructive lifestyle – “magic bullets” that don’t require any discipline.

No wonder the mega churches are crowded with thousands. I’ve heard that some of these have franchised fast food restaurants! In my opinion, this is probably a way to give the churchgoers health problems so they can have something to pray about J

It seems to me that (since human nature hasn’t changed much) most present-day professing Christians would treat Him in much the same way as the religious leaders and populace treated Him back then.

Imagine people going to their present-day pastors and asking if He is the awaited Messiah. I think that the majority of the pastors would be so afraid of losing their positions and control, much like the religious leaders of long ago, that they would persecute and scapegoat Him again, except in a modern way. After all, now we have television, radio, tabloids, etc. to assist in muckraking.

When are Christians going to learn that a Christian is to be a follower of the peace and justice teachings of Jesus Christ?

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