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Celebrities – 27 August 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

In yesterday’s Blog I wrote about aging celebrities who make a second career out of promoting pharmaceuticals.

Today I want to touch on celebrities who backslide from being “for vegetarianism” or “for the animals” into what really amounts to the promotion of the abuse and killing of other animals.

Two examples come to mind: One celebrity wrote a vegetarian cookbook before going into the business of raising cattle on a ranch. The other, who was honored as an animal advocate, became a spokesperson for a disease charity that funds animal-utilizing research.

The latter example so shocked me, that when I saw the TV ad, I thought “This can’t be!” – so I looked up the charity to see what kind of biomedical research it funded. I was hoping it wouldn’t be true, but was sadly disappointed to see that they did indeed fund animal-utilizing research!

I want to make it clear that I am not being “holier than thou.” As they say, “I’ve been there; done that.” But once your eyes are opened and your heart is changed, there is no excuse for going back – no matter what the incentives offered.

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