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Do You Eat Fish? – 8 September 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

An excellent, fact-based article in the current issue of VegNews magazine entitled “Just Say No to PescaVegetarianism” by Paula Moore should be a must-read for everyone.

Paula Moore quotes scientists on the latest findings about the cognitive powers of fish which “In many areas, such as memory…match or exceed those of ‘higher’ vertebrates, including non-human primates.” “Fish can learn to avoid nets by watching what other fish do, and ‘they are capable of learning quickly…’ ” “Fish also feel pain, and they suffer horribly on the journey from sea to supermarket…”

I’m glad we stopped eating fish decades ago, even before the scientific studies revealing the truth about the lives of fish. We didn’t need to have anyone explain to us that fish suffer pain; we could see that for ourselves, and refused to hide from the truth in order to justify eating them.

It has become common knowledge that many varieties of fish, including canned tuna, are contaminated with mercury; but fish can also be tainted with toxic chemicals such as DDT, PCBs and dioxin. If compassion doesn’t stop people from eating fish, perhaps concern for their health will. Studies prove that mercury can cause brain damage, neurological problems in adults and learning disabilities in children.

As for the myth that fish from the Artic region are “safe” to eat – then why is mercury found in polar bears who live there? It is obvious that the animals that polar bears eat are contaminated with mercury from the fish that they eat.

I liked this observation by Paula Moore which I quote here: “A fish is not a vegetable. It seems ridiculous to have to point this out, but vegetarians are constantly being asked – by waiters, well-meaning friends, and other confused carnivores – if we eat fish. Or worse, people who do eat fish run around claiming to be vegetarian.”

Well said!

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