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The Fun of Eating Pomegranates – 3 October 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

Pomegranates We bought some pomegranates (scientific name: Punica granatum) today. I’ve noticed that pomegranate juice sold in bottles has become popular, but I prefer eating the juicy, red seeds. Besides being fun, I think that eating whole fruit (minus rinds, of course!) provides a more complete array of the nutrients, some of which would be lost by juicing and removing the pulp, as well as by the pasteurization of the commercially prepared juice. (That’s why we use a high-speed blender – a Vita-Mix – instead of a juicer when we want to liquefy fruits or vegetables.)

Pomegranates are available for only a short time here, so I look forward to having a bit of fun eating the juicy seeds of my first one of the season – as soon as I finish this Blog. Yum! J

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