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Power Corrupts (Continued) – 26 October 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

I just read something that further underscores the fact that the government agencies, that are supposed to protect the public, have sold out. Under the heading, “Want viruses with Your Cholesterol?” I found this morsel of food for thought:

“The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a mixture of six bacteria-killing viruses, called bacteriophages, to be sprayed on meat and poultry to combat fecal bacteria called Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria can cause a serious infection in pregnant women, infants, and adults with compromised immune systems. The new virus spray, manufactured by a Baltimore company called Intralytix, is to be used on ready-to-eat meat and poultry products right before they are packaged. The use of the viruses will not be disclosed on package labels.”*

Wow! What could be more brilliant?! A spray to make it safe to eat “doo-doo” contaminated products!

Please note the last sentence: “The use of the viruses will not be disclosed on package labels.” (My emphasis)

Even though proponents of the use of phages to eradicate harmful bacteria that are antibiotic resistant are vocal in their support of this technology, can you imagine what future, unforeseen, negative consequences may result? How do we know that at some point a virus won’t attack the “good” bacteria that live in human intestines? Just think of the possibilities! Well, I’m sure the pharmaceutical industry will be very glad to come up with “band aids” that the Food and Drug Administration will be only too happy to approve!!!

Isn’t it interesting how this circle of deception and corruption just grows and grows? Instead of admitting that following God’s original intent (Genesis 1:29) is the answer to human-made problems, more “band aids” and subterfuge are resorted to. After all, the powerful flesh industries must be kept happy as they rake in their ill-gotten gains from the torture of God’s creatures!

* Good Medicine, Autumn 2006 issue, page 23.

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