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Compassion for Sale? – 3 November 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

I just finished reading James La Veck’s absolutely brilliant analysis of the current situation of animal advocacy. If you want to get to the truth of what’s happening read La Veck’s essays published one each in the September and October issues of Satya magazine. Here are the titles of these excellent articles:

Compassion for Sale?
Double Think Meets Double Feel as Happy Meat Comes of Age


Invasion of the Movement Snatchers
A Social Justice Cause Falls Prey to the Doctrine of Necessary Evil

What I have been observing for some time now is organized and articulated by James La Veck in a way that elegantly gets to the point. I believe that these essays will long be remembered and cited whenever animal rights and the underhanded strategies used to dismantle the movement are discussed.

Also in the September issue of Satya is a reprint of a letter that filled me with anger and disgust. The letter is from Peter Singer, President of Animal Rights International, to John Mackey, Chief Executive Officer of Whole Foods Market of Austin, Texas.

I could not believe that 17 animal advocacy organizations would allow themselves to be duped and listed as being in favor of this sham and sell-out of farmed animals! In effect, Peter Singer handed over these “patsies” to be used to destroy the animal rights movement – like the proverbial lambs being led to slaughter!

The letter is dated January 24, 2005 and says:

“The undersigned animal welfare, animal protection and animal rights organizations would like to express their appreciation and support for the pioneering initiative being taken by Whole Foods Market in setting Farm Animal Compassionate Standards. We hope and expect that these standards will improve the lives of millions of animals.”

What “doublespeak”! Improve animal lives by killing and emotionally traumatizing calves and cows (their mothers) – not to mention pigs and chickens – in order to put money in the pockets of exploiters who have the gall to hide behind the word “compassionate”! Give me a break!

Then the 17 “sucker” organizations are listed. I was dismayed (furious is more like it) that groups that I have donated to are listed; but I’m glad I found out about this sell-out before I write my annual gift checks!

It’s hard to believe that people can fall for the Public Relations lies that veal – or any animal products – can be “compassionate”!!! If I needed any proof that Satan is indeed the father of lies and that he is really in the world the way the Bible describes, this is it! How far the “animal advocacy” groups have fallen; it must bring such diabolical joy to the hearts of the con artists who pulled this one off on the jerks who let themselves be conned. Slick, real slick!

Note: James La Veck is cofounder of the nonprofit arts and educational organization Tribe of Heart and producer of award-winning documentaries The Witness and Peaceable Kingdom. A substantial revision of Peaceable Kingdom, which will include an examination of the ethics of “humane” meat, is currently in post-production.

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