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Salmonella – 24 February 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

Food poisoning is in the news again, and once again the culprit is animal-derived contamination. According to official reports, this outbreak has sickened about 329 people from 41 states; but we suspect that it’s much higher because most cases of so-called “stomach flu” are not reported.

Salmonella-contaminated jars of Peter Pan and Great Value (distributed by Wal-Mart) brands of peanut butter, made by ConAgra Foods Inc. in Sylvester, Georgia, have been recalled. A news report stated that government and industry officials believe the contamination may have been caused by dirty jars or equipment. The CDC has identified the strain of bacteria as Salmonella Tennessee, one of many strains of salmonella bacteria.

Salmonella, which is found in poultry, eggs, milk, and meat, originates in the feces of birds and other animals. In the United States, this type of bacteria sickens thousands of people annually and kills about 600. The only other known salmonella outbreak involving peanut butter occurred in Australia during the mid-1990s and was attributed to unsanitary plant conditions.

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