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Vegan Shopping – 19 March 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

I was very happy to see that the Winter 2007 issue of American Vegan, the publication of the American Vegan Society, has a listing of sources for vegan products.

The way that the information is organized is so clear, that I was able to find out if a company sells vegan products only – something that is important to me.

“Why Shop Animal-Free?” is an excellent article on page 31 by Freya Dinshah, Editor, who expresses many of the concerns that I share; among them is the use of components of slaughterhouses and rendering plants, such as glycerin which is a product I have written about in a previous Blog.

This outstanding article ends with the following:

“The term cruelty-free in common usage today refers to products that have not been tested on animals. It is poorly defined and has been appropriated as a marketing tool. Only if a product contains no animal component can it be considered truly cruelty-free and in keeping with vegan ethics.”

So true! I know of many people who are fooled by the “cruelty-free” label, just as I used to be years ago before learning how meaningless some terms really are.  

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