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Begonias – 10 May 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

The past two days have been really hot – in the low 90’s F. And it’s still only spring. The weather forecast calls for possible thunderstorms in this area for tonight.

This morning I decided to place wax begonia (B. semperflorens) cuttings in six window boxes around our sundeck – something I’ve been doing in the spring for several years. I have some potted wax begonia plants that I use for cuttings. Some have pink or white flowers and green leaves; others have red flowers and maroon/green leaves.

I watered the dry soil in the window boxes, placed five or six cuttings in each box, and watered again. I’ll keep the soil moist until they start to take root. This is very easy to do and the results are great. We, and the bees, enjoy these begonia plants all summer long and into autumn!


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