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Fish Farms – 29 June 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

Five types of contaminated, imported fish from Chinese fish farms are in the news.

Since we are vegans, we don’t eat fish. But listening to the reporters discussing this issue was – well – interesting. Their suggestions on how to avoid buying these fish immediately raised some questions in my mind.

One reporter suggested asking if the fish were imported from China. How can one trust that the person questioned will know the origin or, if they do know that they are the fish in question, that they’ll admit it? Another idea put forward was that fish sold at a low price were probably imported from China, and that expensive fish were safe. I say, what if the seller, knowing that people will think expensive fish are safe, deliberately raises the price of the contaminated fish?

One “expert” suggested that those who already had these questionable fish in their freezer just go ahead and eat them; that the negative health consequences are thought to be cumulative, not immediate.

A scene showing fish in the crowded, muddy, filthy-looking water of one of those fish farms was enough to make a person wonder how those creatures manage to survive at all; and what other problems may exist that haven’t come to light as yet.

The best way to avoid this contamination is to go vegan.  

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