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Charitable Cruelty to Animals – 20 August 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

In response to our finding out that Discover Financial Services supports non-humane biomedical research, today we sent the following e-mail to David W. Nelms, Chief Executive Officer at [email protected] 

Dear Mr. Nelms:

We are long-time Discover Card customers who have been satisfied with your service over the years.

In any good relationship, we think you will agree, it is important to voice concerns as they arise. Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to express our deep dismay concerning Discover Card’s support of the” Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Walk to Cure Diabetes.” Unfortunately this charity funds research utilizing animals.

In this day and age, in the eyes of more and more people, experimentation on animals is fast becoming archaic, unnecessary, and thoroughly distasteful. It also has the potential to harm humans, as in the case of thalidomide, etc., since results with animals may not be applicable to humans. In addition, time and money are wasted on worthless, redundant research.

As retired business executives ourselves, we understand that Discover has made a mistake on this one. We all make mistakes. It’s how we respond to our errors that makes the difference. Please don’t compound this error by defending an unfortunate decision.

There are many charities that do not fund research that utilizes animals. Many are listed on the web site

We look forward to your reply and to any questions you may have.


Frank L. Hoffman

Mary T. Hoffman

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