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Cross-contamination – 8 September 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

I have written before about the cross-contamination of food as a widespread problem causing illness in thousands of people.

Here is an article that further explores this topic:

“When researchers employed video cameras in the kitchens of 100 homes to watch residents prepare designated pathogen-prone dishes, they were shocked to find the study participants undercooked the meat 42 percent of the time, risked cross-contamination of deadly pathogens to raw foods numerous times, and even put their young ones in danger – in one case returning a raw-egg-infected baby bottle to the mouth of a child. The meat industry claims it does not have to provide pathogen-free products, despite the fact that bacteria in animal foods have become increasingly deadly and ubiquitous.” (From 101 Reasons Why I’m a Vegetarian by Pamela Rice)

If these families were vegan, they would not have to worry about the pathogens from animal products in their homes. Why do people take such unnecessary risks?!

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