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"Joyful Curmudgeon" An oxymoron?
No! I see all the beauty of God's creation and I'm joyful.  At the same time, I see all the suffering and corruption going on in the world, and feel called to help expose and end it so that we may have true peace and compassion.


Hypocrisy – 10 October 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

Humans are such hypocrites! Just think about it: They claim to be “pro life” while gulping down animal-derived products of suffering; world leaders – some considered “aristocrats” and “Christians”– have fun hunting and killing other animals as “sport” and, by their example, encourage others to do the same; parents, who encourage their children to hunt, trap, and fish, consider themselves responsible adults – God fearing and church-going; States promote hunting and fishing (fish-killing) and try to get more females to join in the mayhem in order to increase their revenue from licenses to kill innocent creatures.

Do you see what I mean? I can go on and on…. When is this hypocrisy, that all of us humans are indoctrinated into, going to end?! And when are humans going to admit what has already been proven: that animal products are not only unnecessary for human health, they can cause problems.

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