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Breast Cancer – 14 October 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

Everywhere you turn you’re confronted by reminders that it’s “breast cancer month.” The complicit victims and their manipulators of this hyped hoopla are out in force with the support of the government and the ones who pull the strings via “m-o-n-e-y.”

An hour-long special program on public TV featured a panel of women “breast cancer survivors” and medical professionals. Early in the discussion, one male medical doctor ventured to briefly mention the role that fruits and vegetables may have in the prevention of breast cancer; and that the disease is less common in women living near the equator. Predictably, his remarks appeared to be ignored.

Isn’t it interesting that the possibility of a benign cure that makes sense and has scientific proof to back it is ignored in favor of extreme measures such as surgery, radiation, and lifelong dependence on medications? Can it be that there is more money and ego-enhancement in the medical/surgical/research/pharmaceutical paradigm – the breast cancer mafia?!

What could be more extreme than women having both their breasts surgically removed – as “prevention” – before any sign of cancer? Yet women are actually having such procedures, and the media are only too happy to feature them, of course.

Isn’t it far less extreme to follow a healthful vegan lifestyle as cancer prevention?

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