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Environmental Doublespeak – 17 November 2007
By Mary T. Hoffman

There are a series of TV programs that presume to be on the cutting edge of dealing with ecological problems. Yet they avoid facing the proverbial “eight hundred pound gorilla in the living room.” Yes, I’m writing about the proven fact that the negative effect on our planet of methane gas produced by animal agriculture far exceeds the effect of gas emissions from all transportation combined.

In one program in which methane was mentioned it was to point out that municipal dumps produce methane and that methane gas is 21 percent more destructive in its effect than carbon dioxide. Yet not a word about the deleterious effect of the ever-spreading cattle industry’s methane production which, according to the United Nations, amounts to 18 percent of all greenhouse gases!

In another segment, one that dealt with the ecological use of algae to absorb carbon dioxide, the spokesperson mentioned that the by-product could be used to feed cattle! Imagine! Going to all the trouble to devise ways of saving the environment and reducing gas emissions, then feeding the by-product to cattle, thereby promoting the worst gas emission – methane!

When will people start telling the truth!?

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