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More “Fish Tales” – 14 January 2008
By Mary T. Hoffman

The title “fish tales” refers to the absolutely incredible twisting of the truth that’s going on in order to keep the public buying and eating products that are detrimental to their health: Salmon, for example.

A local freebie weekly paper devotes nearly a whole page to “HEALTH – A Precious Gift” and then proceeds to sell something to their readers – oftentimes something that is anything but health-promoting.

This week’s “sell” was farmed Atlantic salmon that they described as “a safe and healthy food,” believe it or not! The article contradicts the warning in the journal Science stating that farm raised salmon contain 10 times more toxins (PCBs, dioxin, etc.) than wild salmon. The study that was cited found that these fish pose cancer risks to humans.

Yet the freebie mentions that “…the most recent U.S. FDA Market Basket Study shows the absolute amount of PCBs in other sources of protein, including poultry, beef and pork, to be comparable to that of salmon.”

Then why would anyone want to continue eating any animal-derived products at all? Such “fish tales” full of doublespeak serve to remind me that we did the right thing over twenty years ago when we changed to a mostly whole food (unprocessed) plant-based lifestyle (vegan).

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