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Health Experts? – 27 March 2008
By Mary T. Hoffman

When I was in college, this definition for the word “expert” was going around – Expert is a combination of two words: “x” which represents an unknown quantity of knowledge, and “spurt” which everyone knows is a drip under pressure.

This is what comes to mind when I get one of those mailed subscription solicitations for so-called “health” newsletters, or those weekly advertising “freebies” that feature ‘health” articles. How long do you think these “health experts” would stay in business if they started telling the truth?

It’s interesting how they make a few statements that are true while sneaking in a lot of advice that can be really harmful. Of course we have to remember that these are businesses that are concerned with the bottom line and not really with your health.

Here are a couple of examples, starting with a newsletter: We all agree that sweet potatoes and greens are very nutritious. But when they recommend fish, milk, and cod liver oil, and don’t even bother to mention that most people are lactose intolerant and also ignore the other proven serious health problems caused by dairy consumption – well, that’s enough to relegate their advice to the wastebasket. Now, I must admit that many years ago when I was starting to learn about health issues and was searching around for good advice, I subscribed to a couple of such newsletters. You know – “been there, done that.” Now I know better – and I continue to learn and change. I’ve also noticed that some who start out honest become corrupted and “sell out” as they get a whiff of success.

Then there are the weekly “health” articles, along with two recipes, placed in a supermarket’s ads right next to the “natural,” “organic,” “reduced fat,” products – many of them of animal origin and more expensive! It’s obvious that the purpose of this “health” advice is simply to get people to pay more for stuff like “organic reduced fat milk,” “organic butter,” “organic chicken broth,” “reduced fat cream cheese,” as well as eggs, turkey, chicken, pork, ad nauseam! See what I mean?

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