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Hoffman Helpful Hint: Bananas – 18 June 2008
By Mary T. Hoffman

When we went grocery shopping this week, bananas were on sale for 22 cents/lb. – half the regular price – so we bought lots of bananas!

We keep unripe bananas on the kitchen countertop until they begin to ripen – as indicated by losing their green color and developing small brown spots on the yellow peel. Then we begin to use some of the bananas and store others in the refrigerator, depending on their ripeness. We don’t know why some people think that bananas can’t be stored in refrigerators – we always store our ripened ones in the fridge. We have found that the change of the peel color from yellow to brownish doesn’t affect the flavor.

When we have a lot of bananas on hand, we freeze some by peeling them, cutting them into small pieces, and placing the pieces on a tray. We put the tray in the freezer and after the banana pieces are frozen, we put them in plastic boxes with lids and store them in the freezer. We repeat this process with as many bananas as we want to freeze for future use. These frozen banana pieces come in handy when we make fruit cream (dairy-free ice cream) or fruit slushies. For photos and recipes for fruit smoothies, visit:

For photos and recipes of fruit slushies, visit: 

We also use bananas in other desserts, as in some cookies and cakes, for example. For photos and recipes for a variety of desserts, visit: 

For the table of contents of our website “Recipe Book,” visit: 

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