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Milk and Dairy Products – 7 October 2008
By Mary T. Hoffman

Mark Twain’s remark, “A lie goes half way around the world before truth puts on its boots,” certainly applies to the ads promoting milk. You would think that in this day and age it would be common knowledge that milk- drinking causes many health problems and that a very large percentage of people are negatively affected by dairy product consumption. After all, cow’s milk is for cows, goat’s milk is for goats, sheep’s milk is for sheep, dog’s milk is for dogs, rat’s milk is for rats – well, you get the idea!

In Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple, Michael A. Klaper, M.D., American author and international lecturer, has this to say about milk and calcium:

“There are many other sources of calcium besides the milk of cows. Green vegetables contain ample amounts of calcium as do grains, nuts, seeds, and many fruits and vegetables. My medical experiences affirm that many health problems respond extremely favorably after the removal of dairy products from the diet.”

To learn more about the many problems with milk, visit: 

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