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Milk – 21 November 2008
By Mary T. Hoffman

Seems like everywhere you turn, milk is aggressively promoted. Here are a few facts that the powerful flesh and dairy industries don’t want the public to know:

“If you thought you needed milk for strong bones, you have been the victim of an extremely aggressive advertising program by the dairy industry which was not based on good science.

The fact is that people in countries which consume milk routinely tend to have weaker bones than those in countries which avoid milk. Osteoporosis is more likely due to excess protein in the diet and to sedentary living. It is not due to a “milk deficiency,” and milk consumption does not slow the osteoporosis that commonly occurs in older women.

There are also concerns about the type of protein in milk. Milk proteins often cause allergies and other health problems. There are indications that milk proteins contribute to juvenile-onset diabetes, and specialized cow proteins (antibodies) are now known to cause colic in infants. Like it or not, nature designed cow’s milk for baby cows, not for people.”

From A Physician’s Slimming Guide For Permanent Weight Control by Neal D. Barnard, M.D.

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