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Indifference and Callousness – 12 January 2009

In his book The Longest Struggle – Animal Advocacy from Pythagoras to PETA, Norm Phelps says: “Indifference based on ignorance, even willful ignorance, can be overcome with knowledge; callousness developed as a defense against compassion is harder to penetrate.”

I think that examples of willful ignorance are those who, wanting to continue their use of animal-derived products, say “Don’t tell me; I don’t want to know.” Then there are those who hide behind religion, especially the old, worn out excuse for exploiting animals – you know the one – that God has given them “dominion” over animals. Some of these people have probably never even opened a Bible, but they think they’re being so very clever using that word to excuse their callous behavior.

Basically, what is lacking in people who continue to exploit non-human animals is love. They limit their love; but God’s love is all-encompassing, with no limits. That is why He sent Jesus to this earth: to teach us to love.

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