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Kidney Stones – 26 January 2009
By Mary T. Hoffman

Here’s a quotation from the New England Journal of Medicine (March 25, 1993):

“A study of 45,619 male health workers by Harvard School of Public Health found that men with the highest intake of potassium, contained in fruits and vegetables, reduced their risk of kidney stones by 50 percent, while those who ate the most animal protein increased their risk by 33 percent.”

I find it interesting that the subjects of this study were “health” workers and that it was published 16 years ago. Bad habits (like eating the flesh and secretions of sentient creatures) die hard, don’t they?

How much better it would be to simply go vegan! They would be healthier; save a lot of money; and spare non-human animals from horrific cruelty, as well as the environment from degradation.

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