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Food Poisoning – 4 February 2009
By Mary T. Hoffman

In the chapter titled “A Pandora’s Box of Pathogens” of her book Slaughterhouse, Gail A. Eisnitz writes:

“Another bacterium called Campylobacter, which occurs twice as frequently as salmonella, has a relatively high occurrence in young adults, and is now the number-one cause of gastroenteritis in the United States, causing hundreds of deaths each year. In 1991, a USDA microbiologist and leading authority on Campylobacter found the bacteria present in 98 percent of store-bought chickens. According to the National Academy of Sciences, studies of market-ready chickens found Campylobacter on up to 82 percent. And in a survey of fifty brand-name broilers in Georgia, a government researcher found 90 percent contaminated with Campylobacter.”

“Even Food Safety Review, the USDA’s own publication, reported that “heavily contaminated flocks may result in a contamination rate of 100 percent for finished products.” And again, even with chlorine and the other “improvements” in place, Campylobacter was found on up to 100 percent of the chickens coming out of the chill tank.”

Is it any wonder that kitchen counters are considered the most contaminated areas in homes where animal-derived products are prepared and/or served?

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