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It is our hope that this collection of humor will help make us laugh at ourselves, and hopefully live a more compassionate cruelty-free lifestyle.

by Mark Edgemon

With parents increasingly having their children's emotional problems suppressed with medications, instead of spending time with them and helping them work their problems out, psychiatrist are making a killing, in some cases...literally, by over medicating unnecessarily.

Admittedly, some children need medication and professional guidance for chemical or emotional imbalances. But the large majority just need a lot of time from their parents, starting at birth.

This production is a parody of the hooked on Phonics program that was out many years back, showing how parents use programs, methods, plans, drugs and psychiatrists as a parental substitutes.

The production was written and produced by Mark Edgemon. The voice of the commercial announcer was performed by D. C. Goode of Los Angeles.

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