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How to Settle a Theological Debate


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How to Settle a Theological Debate

Submitted by Bob Hope.

The Synod of Dort (1618-19) is well known for its confessional formulation of Calvinist soteriology against the theology of the Dutch Arminians. At the Synod, there was extensive debate within the Calvinist party over the question whether predestination is an “infralapsarian” or a “supralapsarian” decree (i.e. whether or not the decree of election logically precedes the decree to permit the fall).

This debate became so heated that on two occasions Francis Gomarus (a high Calvinist) challenged Matthias Martinius (a moderate Calvinist) to a duel.

[Ed. Note] Why did we put this in our humor section? Because we chuckled at the macabre nature of this synod's reported action, for we could easily see that it was being led by the devil and not the Holy Spirit. Any time we see anything done in anger, we know it is not of God, and we should, in Jesus name, tell the devil to begone.