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I'm more than a statistic

From WCW White Coat Waste Project
February 2024

My name may be just a number in their records, but I am more than a statistic. I am Cat #SP05, and my story will be heard.

vivisected Cat

As Cat #SP05, I remember the day they took me from my cage, away from my mother and siblings. They promised me a better life, but instead, they plunged me into a nightmare of pain and isolation.

I was just a young cat, barely past kittenhood, when they subjected me to their cruel experiments at the University of Connecticut (UConn).

They called it science, but to me, it felt like torture.

Needles pierced my skin, electrodes invaded my spinal cord, and I was left alone in a small enclosure, surrounded by the constant buzz of machinery and the echo of my own suffering.

I watched as my fellow felines endured the same fate. Some of them succumbed to infections, their bodies unable to fight off the foreign invaders forced upon them.

Others were sacrificed, their lives deemed expendable once the experiments were over.

I remember the fear in their eyes, the silent cries for mercy that went unanswered. We were pawns in a game of curiosity, our pain dismissed as insignificant in the pursuit of knowledge.

For nearly two years, I endured their experiments, each day blending into the next in a blur of agony and despair.

They severed my spinal cord, implanted electrodes, and attempted to control my bodily functions as if I were nothing more than a machine.

But I was more than just a subject in their lab. I was a living being, with thoughts and feelings that they ignored in their quest for results. I longed for the touch of another living creature, for the warmth of sunlight on my fur, but all I found was cold metal and indifferent faces.

As I reflect on those dark days, I am filled with a fierce determination to ensure that no other cat suffers as I did. I may be just one voice in a sea of indifference, but I will not be silent.

I will fight for justice, for the end of taxpayer-funded experiments that exploit and abuse innocent animals.

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