Monkeys Destined for Cruel U.S. Research Experiments Die During Air Transport
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FROM Lex Talamo,
November 2021

It is simply not possible to confine non-human primates to small crates, away from familiar surroundings, and transport them on long journeys across the world without causing considerable distress and physical and psychological suffering.

PETITION: WAMOS AIR - cese el transporte de macacos destinados a la experimentación/stop flying monkeys to laboratories/cesse de transporter des singes vers les laboratoires

vivisected Monkey
A representative image of monkeys used in experiments (Photo Credit We Animals)

Some of the more than 700 research monkeys on board a recent WAMOS Air Flight from Cambodia to U.S. laboratories died during the grueling journey, according to The Independent.

UK-based nonprofit Action for Primates learned that 720 long-tailed macaque monkeys were airborne in cargo holds for more than 24 hours on a Nov. 14 flight while traveling from Phnom Penh International Airport to Houston, Texas — a more than 11,000 mile journey that had a 6-hour layover in Georgia. An undisclosed number died in transit, the nonprofit alleged via press release.

An additional 1,440 macaques have made that same trek — with 720 flying out on Aug. 21 and another 720 monkeys flying out on Sept. 17, with a final destination at the Envigo research corporation in Alice, Texas, according to Cambodia News.

WAMOS Air declined comment for this story.

“Sorry but we have nothing to say, head to the lab, our client,” they wrote in a single-line email to Lady Freethinker (LFT).

Envigo also has not yet responded to LFT media inquiries.


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