Schizophrenic Monkeys
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FROM White Coat Waste Project
June 2021

Campaign to end the Department of Veterans Affairs’ painful schizophrenia, paralysis and treadmill experiments on monkeys.

White Coat Waste

WCW is officially launching a brand-new campaign to end the Dept. of Veterans Affairs’ painful SCHIZOPHRENIA, PARALYSIS, and TREADMILL experiments on MONKEYS.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • EXPOSED: Our investigators recently uncovered evidence that since at least 1999, the VA has paid several university white coats to abuse primates in “Category D” experiments at labs in San Diego, Minneapolis, and New Haven…
  • CATEGORY D: this government classification means victims undergo severe pain and distress… aka TAXPAYER-FUNDED TORTURE.
  • YOUR BILL? $25 million in taxes… that we know of so far.

vivisecting Monkeys

When the money stops, the killing stops.

Our brand-new campaign will cut the payouts for these experiments, shut down the labs, retire the survivors to sanctuaries, and PERMANENTLY ban the VA from testing on primates on your dime… but only if we cover our budget.

VA white coats are wasting your paycheck to:

  • SMASH the primate’s spinal cord with extreme force via a machine.
  • INJECT PCP into her skull to mimic Schizophrenia, causing untold psychological damage.
  • TETHER her to a treadmill.
  • RESTRAIN her in a chair for hours at a time.
  • DENY HER WATER unless she completes their experiments.
  • REFUSE TO ADOPT HER OUT. Experimenters prefer to “honor” her by SLAUGHTERING her instead.

vivisecting Monkeys

We can end the VA’s unspeakable abuse of intelligent primates… and we will do it by:

  • Exposing each and every lab (and every red cent).
  • Working with Congress to ban the VA from testing on primates with your paycheck… ever again!

To DONATE, go to White Coat Waste Project!

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