What they call "science," we call TORTURE
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FROM ALDF Animal Legal Defense Fund
December 2021

Even if the animals survive the experiments, as soon as they are too sick or torn apart, they’re killed — often by snapping their necks or decapitating them.

vivisected Kitten
Laboratory caged Kitten

Behind closed laboratory doors, rabbits, primates, pigs, and even dogs and cats are subjected to gruesome and often deadly experiments — and their suffering is a mere afterthought if it is considered at all. And even if the animals survive the experiments, as soon as they are too sick or torn apart, they’re killed — often by snapping their necks or decapitating them.

But you have the chance to make TWICE the impact for suffering animals right now — and I hope you’ll take it. We’re fighting to end inhumane animal experimentation and save millions of animals from a cruel life and death in a research lab…

  • Beagles are often used for cruel and unnecessary medical research and toxicity studies because of their calm demeanor. Dogs are forced to run on treadmills until their hearts give out. Toxins are injected into their stomachs and puppies are forced to swallow toxic chemicals with their mouths taped shut.
  • Pigs, highly intelligent creatures, are used in a wide range of tests, from painful burn testing to surgical training where their chests are cut open in invasive procedures that often end with the pigs being killed.
  • Often used for cosmetic testing, rabbits have been the victims of the cruel and painful “Draize” tests. With their bodies restrained, caustic chemicals are dripped into their eyes and smeared on their shaved skin.
  • Cats are used in invasive, and oftentimes deadly, brain and vision testing. In our case against the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Optometry, which led to the end of their horrible feline experiments, the college would mount the cats’ heads in frames, force their eyes open with contact lenses, and while still alive, remove part of the cats’ skulls to insert electrodes into their brains.

Some may call this “science,” but I call this abuse. To help stop cruel animal testing, please take advantage of this $250,000 year-end match offer by making a generous, tax-deductible donation now. Your gift will help advance our fight to enact laws that will protect animals from being used in cruel, painful, needless research, ensure rigorous oversight of research facilities that keep animals, and protect the rights of whistleblowers to expose the truth of animal experimentation.

With you beside us, we are making progress against cruel animal testing. In addition to our victory over SUNY, the Animal Legal Defense Fund helped to advance a bill in New Jersey that prohibits the sale of certain products that have been tested on animals. The bill was signed into law by Governor Murphy and goes into effect on March 1, 2022!

But there’s still more work to be done. The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed lawsuits against the University of Wisconsin, which hosts a National Primate Research Center, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for violating the First Amendment by censoring online criticism about animal testing. Additionally, we’re working to hold the U.S. Department of Agriculture legally accountable for failing to uphold the law and fully inspect facilities where animals are kept and experimented on.

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