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Progress for Animals: USDA’s Harmful ‘Teachable Moments’ Policy Ends

From ALDF Animal Legal Defense Fund
August 2022

USDA inspectors classified certain violations as “teachable moments” — a policy that left animals in danger.

puppy mill puppies

The USDA announces that, as of August 1, Congress has directed the agency to no longer allow inspectors to use a controversial regulatory practice called “teachable moments.” Starting in 2016, this practice allowed inspectors to use their discretion to leave “minor” violations of law off inspection reports and instead “educate” the puppy mills, research labs or other USDA licensees.

This is good news for animals considering the evidence that “teachable moments” as well as other pro-industry changes in regulatory practices resulted in a dramatic decrease in reported violations at animal facilities — 60% down in 2018 from the previous year.

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