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Letter from Lizzy Concerning Our Web Site Ministry, Christianity, and Animal Rights - 4 Mar 2003


My name is Lizzy. I was prompted by the comments of the established group to introduce myself.

I have had a heart for animals since my infancy. It has never decreased. I have been a vegetarian since my childhood and now a vegan. We had a hobby farm growing up with lots of animals. My parents originally began it for food. But no one could bring themselves to kill. Thank God! Chickens all named, lived over 12 years, ducks, sheep, horses, peacocks, guinea fowl, guinea pigs, dogs, and cats.

As a child I would sing to God and always tell the animals about Him. We baptised all who came onto the farm. It seems that I have always been involved with A/R.

The majority of Christians I encountered were insensitive and passively cruel in their actions towards animals. The dominion thing.... I couldn't bear it and abandoned God.

I sought out other religions, until 4 years ago, when I met Christians who were willing to pray for animals.

God is Creator. He Loves His Creation. As it is written the whole earth groans for HIS return. Lies and innuendos have told Christians that we are to be brutal and/or indifferent. But it is time to lay all those misconceptions at the cross and more forward.

I am delighted with this web site.
Thank you Frank and Mary.

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