LettersLetter from Patsy Gates about Her Beloved Stormie - 20 June 2003
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Letter from Patsy Gates about Her Beloved Stormie
20 June 2003

I want to thank you again for posting my Beloved Stormie (A Memorial to Stormie and BEAUTIFUL STORMIE) and the tribute to her beautiful life! It has been 16 months since we have parted and I miss her still each and every day. Part of me will NEVER be the same until we meet again. I truly believe that such an innocent, loyal, loving girl such as Stormie is more alive than I am right now! She is safe in her Creator's Hands, healthy, happy, and just waiting to see her Mommy come around the bend so she can greet me and we can be together forever!!

It is hard for me to wait; it is HARD for me not to question God as to why He called her home when He knew how much I needed her.... God and I have had many conversations about this and He knows my heart, anyway, before even a word leaves my lips. I do NOT understand why God does things the way He does but I do know that I trust Him... I must! To Whom else can I go? Sometimes I think I have been angry with God for not letting Stormie stay with me a few more years; however I have no idea what those years would have been like for her. I am VERY selfish! I wanted Stormie for myself.... I AM thankful for the almost 10 years she blessed my life.

Something you said on your website caught my attention and here it is:

The most important thing to remember is that the ravens heard the call of the Lord and responded

I believe that Stormie heard the call of the Lord and she was obedient to His call even when I was sobbing to keep her with me. She was never afraid, she never cried, she was brave, loyal, loving and obedient. How I miss that gentle soul! We shall meet again never to be parted forever! Thank you Jesus!

Again, thank you for letting me share Stormie's wonderful life with others. She meant and still does mean the world to me, her huMOM.

Patsy Gates

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