LettersLetter from Patti Concerning Cruelty to Animals and Going Vegetarian - 8 Feb 2004
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Letter from Patti Concerning Cruelty to Animals and Going Vegetarian - 8 Feb 2004

Hi - Looked over the rest of your site. Oh, so sad! I knew some of these things anyway. Which means that I have no business eating meat. The Bible tells us to be considerate to our animals. I think that some of the horrible diseases we get from meat come from maybe a kind of curse on the meat, due to the mistreatment of the animals.

I will download your site to remind me not to eat meat when I am tempted to do so. Ironically I have not eaten meat for quite some time but then ate some turkey patties today not long before stumbling across your site. I'm taking the pledge! Eating factory farm meat is a sin! It really is.

Thanks for what you are doing.

You know I felt that the Lord showed me not long ago that love is a form of protection for people, particular in regard to the terrible (I believe) times to come - and that He additionally showed me that the love of our pets can even be a certain protection for us humans. He has convicted me several times for being too harsh to my animals (like when the cat seemed aggressive toward my parrot), even once for hugging my cat too hard!

You are doing some good, that's for sure! Sent your web address to a sister also.

In Christ, Patti

Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Patti:

Thank you very much for your two letters, and for telling us little about your spiritual journey.

The Holy Spirit does indeed move in mysteriously wonderful ways. I always marvel at the ways He brings people together for His glory.

You're correct that love is a primary connection between God and us. Itís also the greatest commandment. If we truly love God with every part of our being, then we will love the whole of His creation, too, which includes humans, animals, and the environment or physical world around us. And in this love, we can do no harm, which is exactly the unction you felt from the Holy Spirit.

In the Love of the Lord,


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