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Letter from Carly about Cruelty to Animals - 6 Mar 2004

Animals are a part of our lives; everyday we hurt them; they serve us without compliant and this is how we repay them...use, abuse, then slaughter them.  As if the world isn't a cruel enough place as it is...its sick, cruel and disgusting, and anyone who wants and is a part of it shouldn't be allowed to be on earth. In fact, they should endure what all the animals go through, beg for forgiveness, stop the cruelty to all horses and animals, and then under go the painful slaughter! Then maybe more people would think about what animals go through and learn to say NO rather than yes because of the money.

I have studied the case of neglect, cruelty and horse slaughter and its sick.  These poor animals are undergoing immense pain every day somewhere in the world.  They're being cut open while still alive, not being properly stunned.

What kind of world do we live in.  We are animals ourselves and so have no right to play God, and mess with his creations...animals were not put on the world for us to kill!!!!!!!!

(I would appreciate it greatly if you could email me back!)

All the time I fell like I would take great pleasure in killing the people involved in this cruelty.  I think of how I could give them pain, cut off one limb at a time, make them bleed to death......sounds like a good idea......there is so much to say on this subject......I haven't even started.......I will be helping animals that are suffering like this, and anyone I see hurting or exploiting them...I will personally hurt........I don't care if I get punished for it, I will hurt them and MAKE THEIR LIVES A LIVING HELL SO THEY WONT WANT TO HURT HORSES AND ANIMALS can count on it.

Reply from Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Carly:

Thank you very much for impassioned letter.

We understand why you feel the way you do, but violence only promotes more violence. It is much better to funnel your anger and energy into directly helping to end animal abuse.

You can help by peacefully and politely spreading the truth about the
atrocities committed on animals to as many other people as you can, and ask them to help you spread the word, too. Write letters to the editor. If you are good at writing, write articles to explain the problems and ask the people to help. You can refer people to our web site so they can see forthemselves.

The more people who speak out, the better the chance we have of ending animal abuse.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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