LettersLetter From Kathie Concerning Animal Cruelty and Experimentation - 24 May 2004
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Letter From Kathie Concerning Animal Cruelty and Experimentation - 24 May 2004


My name's Kathie...and I'm doing a report on animal cruelty and experimentation.

I've always despised all those who abused or killed animals. I can't believe people can actually do those things. After seeing all those photos, my intent to take action has grown. I'm only 15, but I really want to help. I cringe at even the thought of what those "people" do. I've lost my appetite for "meat" forever. I won't support them. It's horrible what they do at the slaughterhouses. I thought I knew what went on in those buildings...I had an idea and it disgusts me.

I didn't even stop to think about how the animals at the zoos and Sea World are being abused. I never thought that dolphins can be and are abused either. I feel awful now. I want to become a vegetarian. (Does that mean no milk either?)

I want to tell the world and show them what I have read and seen. I want them to feel how I feel. I wish people would just come to an understanding and STOP. Why don't we just grow an abundance of vegetables and feed on those?

Does this mean that it is also wrong to experiment on those in jail? Because I know that some people in jail volunteer to get experimented on, because they are sentenced to life, and they want to help. Is that also wrong?

I love animals. And I can never hurt them. I've always felt bad for the bulls in bullfights and horses and dogs in the races. Why can't we just stick to humans racing?

I hope this letter doesn't sound corny or anything. I just wanted to let you guys over there know to keep this site running. And I want to help.

Thanks for your time.


Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Kathie:

Thank you very much for your very compassionate letter and desire to help, and for your encouragement. A return to compassionate living rests in the hearts and souls of young people like you.

The difference in medical experiments on human volunteers is that they desired to participate; animals don't have any choices, and most of them are treated horribly.

Human beings don't need animal foods to live; in fact, a whole foods, plant-based diet is much more healthful. Because of your age, we suggest that you discuss this with your parents. We have a lot of references on our web site that should help.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,


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