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Letter from Gareth Johnson Concerning the Bible and Our Diet - 26 May 2004

Hello there

I have found your web-site. I will endeavour to go through it, but in the meantime, a question that I have for you.

In so far as the Bible/ Christian Doctrine is concerned I am bothered by the 'fact' that in Genesis, we are first told that God created foods for 'Man" in the form of Fruits and Plants. Is there than a justification for following a Religion that depicts a ''God" who after wiping out most of His Creations with a flood then gives full reign to his Chosen that they may now eat basically anything that moves?

I am not a particularly learned person so this probably is nothing new to you folks, and perhaps I misunderstand many things as well. Your feedback perhaps?



Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Gareth:

Thank you for your letter.

The problem stems from the fact that people were eating animals even before they were granted the concession to eat flesh. God only granted the concession to limit the cruelty associated with their hardness of heart. God's intent still remains that we are to eat only plant foods.

In the Love of the Lord,


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