LettersLetter from Cindy Concerning Health, Our Recipes, and Vegetarianism - 2 Jul 2004
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Letter from Cindy Concerning Health, Our Recipes, and Vegetarianism - 2 Jul 2004


First, I want to thank you for your site. We are new to vegatarianism (or whatever it is called) and I just cooked some brown rice according to the directions and it was horrible. I searched the net and found your site and I am so happy to find different ways to prepare it. I am definitely book marking your site.

Second, a question.... the Bible says we are to eat all fruits and vegetables that bear seeds.,,,,what about things like strawberries? They reproduce through vines don't they? I am not being smart-alecky; I just want to do what is right. Since we have cut out all animal products, my fibromyalgia has pretty much gone into remission, my feet have stopped swelling and my body is becoming normal. I haven't used a cane for 3 weeks now.

If you could just help me with this question, I would be eternally grateful.

AND, I apologize for such a long email. I realize you must be fairly busy and your time is much appreciated.


Reply by Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Cindy:

Thank you for your letter and compliments.

Our health also improved dramatically after we became vegetarians (vegans) many years ago.

Strawberries are a fruit that has seed, too. Don't worry about eating any unrefined or modified plant foods. They all are a gift from God.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

In the Love of the Lord,


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